Working With Your Project Manager

Your dedicated project manager is the key to unlocking the potential from partnering with Elite, so this article explains how to get the most from them.


We view the project manager role as the bridge between your company and ours. In actual fact, their job is to be your advocate. That means they'll be fighting for internal resources and the best value for money on your behalf.


By default, your project manager will take your project briefs, review them, break them down into subtasks where appropriate, estimate them or gather estimates from team members, assign the best suited person or people and get everything scheduled into our workflow.

Then they'll monitor progress, QA work done to make sure it matches the brief and invite your feedback.

All of this is a standard part of your plan.


While it's perfectly fine if your project manager just carries out the responsibilities above, they can go far beyond that to help minimise your workload and maximise the output.

They can also:

  • Enter your project briefs into our project management platform (ClickUp) on your behalf so you don't have to. This means you can provide briefs in whatever way is easiest for you, whether it be email, Loom video, audio message, carrier pigeon, or other method.
  • Have live meetings with you to discuss project briefs, progress, upcoming work etc.
  • Join your client meetings with you, to facilitate project scoping, better understanding of objectives, address technical questions, deliver progress reports and so on.
  • Work in your project management platform as well as ours, so you get updates where you are most comfortable and/or where your clients can see them.

This list is not exhaustive though, so if there are other ways that your project manager can help you, that's fine. Just be aware that when your project manager is working directly for you on activities like listed above, that will count towards your billed hours (we've got article about billable hours here). That said, the closer relationship will result in greater project efficiencies, so it's a great investment and will save you countless hours of your own time.


When you first create your Elite account, we assign you with a dedicated project manager and they will get in touch using the email we have on record. You'll be able to communicate directly via email, or if you've requested a Slack integration, you can message there too.

You'll always find your project manager's contact details in your account dashboard, where you can also schedule meetings too.


Great, now you have some ideas on how to get the best from your project manager, and why doing so might be a really positive move.