Contacting Us

Good communication is key, so let's run down the many ways we can do this.


Effective communicate is an essential part of a successful partnership. Our goal is to communicate with you frequently, openly and efficiently, so that you always have pertinent information and an understanding of the progress on all tasks. For that reason, we've got a number of ways that we can do this, as follows:


Most project related communication will take place here, as this is where team members will primarily be working on your tasks. This also ensures that there's an audit trail, so we can quickly refer back and find earlier comments, decisions made etc.

Learn how to use ClickUp for task communication here.

While we encourage you to be active here, you can instruct your dedicated project manager to manage communication here and report to you directly instead (more on that here).


If you use Slack like we do, we can use Slack Connect to create a shared channel to facilitate faster discussion of project or non-project related topics. To streamline our operations, communication here is limited to your dedicated project manager and our management team.

We can also set up a dedicated shared Slack channel just to pipe task updates from ClickUp into. This is particularly useful if you want a central place to manage notifications, without needing to go into ClickUp every time, or getting an email for every single comment or status change.

If you'd like to request that we set up any shared Slack channels, drop us an email with the subject "Slack Integration" here.


Sometimes it's just quicker and easier to talk about something live than it is to go back and forth via email or other text messages. To schedule a meeting with your dedicated project manager or our management team, you can do so from your account dashboard here.

Alternatively, drop us an email here and we'll get back to you. Let us know your time zone and availability so we can offer the most suitable times for you.


You are welcome to email us directly if that's easiest for you. You'll find your dedicated project manager's email address in your account dashboard here. Or you send an email to our shared inbox here and we'll route your message accordingly. 


While you're on our website or in your account dashboard, you'll see a chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Feel free to send us a message here. Please be aware that this is offered primarily for convenience and we may not be available to chat live. But if not, you can send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Phew, that's a lot of comms channels. Now you should have no trouble at all getting in touch. But if you do, let us know!