The way we price our services is intentionally a little different than most. One-size-all pricing just doesn't work for all agencies, since some charge by the hour and others charge by the project. So we've got a hybrid model, which is aimed at meeting the needs of both your business and ours.


When you first create an account with Elite, we'll set you up with a Team plan. On a Team plan, you're charged an agreed hourly rate for work done, and you're billed monthly in arrears. There are 3 tiers you can choose from for your Team plan, with rates between $30 - $50 per hour. Lower rates come with a minimum charge each month. When you commit to sending more work, we can plan our workload more efficiently and can afford to offer you a better rate. You have the freedom to adjust your plan each month, so you can move up or down to match your own demand.


No minimum commitment


$1k minimum commitment


$3k minimum commitment
Standard Team Plans are ideal when just starting out with us, or when your needs are relatively modest, with only occasional larger projects coming in.


If you're prepared to make a longer term commitment, we can agree a Custom Team Plan with a set hourly rate. This means that you'll only ever be charged one flat hourly rate for all work we do for you, determined by the volume and the length of the commitment.

For example, we might agree a flat rate with a minimum spend over the course of a 12 month agreement instead of month to month. You would still be billed monthly in arrears for work done, but it doesn't matter if you use the team less one month, and more the next, as long as over the course of the agreement, the minimum spend is met.

This type of plan is great for those ready to partner with a long term perspective, or those who have higher volumes of work that they need doing on a more consistent basis.


If you're charging your clients a fixed fee for a website project, then we can also offer fixed fee packages to mirror your own, giving you a guaranteed margin on every project.

There's a couple of rules we follow. Firstly, we need a well defined scope with clear deliverables. Secondly, we both need to be open and fair with our pricing. We both want a healthy margin and the goal should be to work together for mutual benefit, not screw the other over.

Pricing like this works great if you're offering fixed fee websites with a well defined scope, and like the certainty of a set margin on each project. Schedule a call if you want to discuss packages like this.


If you offer Care or maintenance plans to clients, then we can match the services you're including and agree a fixed fee per website. We can handle site maintenance on agreed schedules, and can include other elements too, such as hosting, if that would help.

Care Plans are an easy way to generate monthly recurring revenue with minimal effort, since we handle the fulfilment and you receive a guaranteed margin. Schedule a call if you'd like to get started with a Care plan.


Although the above covers many scenarios, it's not exhaustive. If there are services you're offering, or would like to offer, and would like a way to hand off fulfilment in a way that's commercial viable, we're always open to exploring opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Schedule a call if you've got an idea you'd like to discuss.


Whether you've got an urgent project you need help with or are looking for a long-term partner to scale with, schedule a call today to see if working together would be a good fit.