Many agency owners are burning the candle at both ends trying to get WordPress projects done, often leaving them stressed, exhausted and feeling out of control. With unlimited access to our Elite team of designers, developers and project managers, you can get help with anything from troubleshooting to complete website projects. All done right, on time and on budget.

About You

Partnering with Elite might be right for you if you:

  • Build or manage WordPress websites for clients
  • Need extra help when you’re busy or have complex projects
  • Always want to be able to say yes to new projects
  • Want an extension of their own team they can call their own
  • Are looking for a reliable, relationship-focused partner
  • Value your time and want to get your life back.

But we don't partner with everyone. Shared values matter. We prioritise relationships above all else, so we only work with people who value us as much as we value them, and want to work collaboratively to achieve great outcomes for both of us. If that's you, we're in business.


We’re a fully remote team, based in the UK. Most of our clients are based in the US but we work with agencies from all over the world, including various European countries, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, amongst others.

We work Monday to Friday, and occasionally on weekends when something is time-sensitive. Our working hours are typically based on European time zones but ensuring we always have sufficient overlap with time zones in the North America, and Australasia.

The majority of our team are in the Philippines, but we hire from anywhere as long as:

  • Communication and comprehension in English is top notch;
  • Our values are aligned;
  • Work quality is exceptional;
  • We can pay a generous amount while fitting into our billing model.

We think it’s important to know who you’re partnering with, so if you have any questions about our business, drop us a message here.


We believe in integrity, transparency and accountability, amongst our core values. In practice, this means we have a no-blame culture that recognises that everyone makes mistakes and it’s our response to them that’s most important. We don’t point the finger, we just look at how to fix and learn from the mistake, so we improve collectively.

We also have a flat hierarchy, where everyone is free to voice ideas, opinions and suggestions. There’s no entitlement, and we prefer to remain humble, seeking to lift up one another, rather than paying homage based on someone’s position.

We win and lose together as a team, and aim to make 1% improvements every single day.





Despite being the owner and MD of Elite, Matt dislikes titles and prefers to lead from the back, empowering the team to be the best version of themselves.

He’s a former partner and director of operations at Themeco (creators of the prominent X and Pro WordPress themes), and prior to that ran his own digital agency. Because of his background, Matt’s driven to support and do right by agency owners with shared values, for mutual prosperity.

Schedule a call with Matt here if you want to talk big picture or partnerships.



Paolo is the guy that makes complex project management look simple. He juggles the impossible, managing the team, supporting the project managers, and strategising with our partners to identify the best (and simplest) ways to deliver incredible project outcomes, giving them to confidence to say yes to any project they want to take on.

Refreshingly honest, yet too humble to write his own bio, he's the grease that keeps the place running smoothly.

Schedule a call with Paolo here if you want to project strategy.


Whether you've got an urgent project you need help with or are looking for a long-term partner to scale with, schedule a call today to see if working together would be a good fit.