How To Add a New Task

Great! That's the complete low-down on project statuses from beginning to end. You got this.


To get started, first make sure that you have navigated to the project board inside the shared folder found on the left sidebar, like this:
Then in the header bar at the top of your task list, click on Add New Task:

Tip: If you don't see the "Add New Task" tab shown above, make sure you have selected the project board itself as shown above, not the folder.

When you click on Add New Task your task list will then be replaced by our task creation wizard:


Simply select the most appropriate options and fill in the task details as you go along. Make sure you hit the submit button at the end, in order to create your task and add it to your list.

Once you have done this, switch back to either the List or Board view in the header bar and your new task will appear there. If you want to add more tasks, just click on Add New Task again.


Whenever you add a new task, it can be tempting to skip through the questions quickly and leave only brief answers. However, it's critical that we gather sufficient information in order to complete the task or project in a way that meets your expectations. Oftentimes, what a person visualises in their head when giving a description to someone else is not the same as is visualised by the person reading the note.

Moreover, if we do not understand a task or if there is ambiguity over what is meant because for example, what is written could have multiple interpretations, then we will have to ask clarifying questions before we can get started on the task. As a result, your task could be delayed or take longer to complete.

For these reasons, it's important that you take the time to provide us with sufficient detail to understand the task properly, and we would encourage you to consider each response carefully before moving on to the next question.


As you might expect, we'll need access to the areas you need us to work. As such, we commonly require login credentials like:

  • Site Access
  • Staging Servers
  • FTP Access
  • Hosting Providers
  • Google Analytics
  • Other Third Party Providers

If you are asking us to work on a site or environment for the first time, then please add the appropriate credentials either when submitting the task using the task creation wizard, or as a comment on the task once it has been created.

Since it's fairly routine for additional tasks to be required for sites we have previously worked on, we will copy these to an internal location where they will be stored securely.

Therefore, if you want us to work on a site or environment that we have worked on prior, then please advise us when submitting the task or as a comment, once the task has been created. This will ensure there are no delays in handling your task or project.


So what are you waiting for? Go add a new project!