First Steps with Elite

In this article, we'll cover the first few steps you'll take on your journey with Elite.


When you first create an account with Elite, you'll land in your new account dashboard. That's where you'll manage your account with us, and make changes as required. You'll see service usage, be able to add or change your services, manage your billing and more.


Immediately after you've created your account, there's a couple of things we have to do manually. Firstly, we will create a project board for you in ClickUp, our third party project management tool of choice. And secondly, we'll assign to you a dedicated project manager. We will do these as a priority when your account is initially created, but please allow up to 24 hours (Monday to Friday), because we're a small team and occasionally we sleep.

Be aware that your account dashboard and your project board are two different things. While your account dashboard is where you manage everything at the account level, your project board is exclusively for tasks and projects that we handle as part of your Team plan.


To help you navigate your account dashboard, we've put together an article here that we encourage you to review.


We've created a collection of articles to help you navigate your project board. A good starting point would be to check out our overview article here.


As mentioned above, we will assign a dedicated project manager to work with you. They will reach out to you directly using the email address on record, but to help you understand the role they play and how to get the best out of the relationship, we encourage you to check out the article here.


If you're a Slack user like us, then to facilitate quicker and easier communication with your assigned project manager and our management team, then we would be happy to set up a dedicated shared Slack channel. We can also create a secondary channel for all updates to go to that are posted to your project board, to help keep your email notifications to a minimum. Drop us an email here if you'd like us to set that up for you.


And that's it. So in a short few paragraphs you've got a head start in your Elite journey. Let the good times roll.